Collection: Snakewood

Piratinera guianensis, Snakewood, is also known as Letter wood, Speckled wood, and Leopard wood. Its Latin name literally means Guiana sea pirate. Considered by experts to be the World's rarest commercially available species, Snakewood is difficult to work (dry wood can still check if it is heated while sanding). Despite its difficulty in working, it is a beautiful wood that has rich brown, red and black in a traditional Viper pattern. This is undoubtedly where it acquired the name Snakewood. The Snakewood tree is small and slender growing only up to a foot in diameter and 40-60 feet tall. There is a varying amount of figure in each tree so each log can produce very different grades of lumber. Uses include: violin bows, parasols, canes, pens, bottle stoppers, umbrella handles, pool cues, fishing pole butts and more! Primarily found in Suriname.
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